Sunday, February 20, 2011

New merchandise coming

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So what's coming up? I'm working on WPI tools for knitters, crocheters, and spinners. This handy (and pretty) little tool will help you figure out how many wraps per inch your yarn, either store bought or handspun, is. This helps determine your gauge, although nothing beats that old swatch to show you if the fabric you are creating is what you intend. (Swatches can lie, designer Lily Chin has some excellent info on getting the story out of your swatch in her books "Knitting tips and tricks" and "Crochet tips and tricks."

Ok, so I am working on these new products:

1. Exotic wood buttons
2. woodburned buttons (both "regular" and shank style)
3. woodburned stitchmarkers
4. lazy kates for spindles (yes, finally!!)
5. Woodburned (minimal carving) lazy kates at a more affordable price. If you have longed for a kate but the price is just impossible in this economy, I hope you will enjoy the smaller (but still fabulous!) kates.
6. Hairpin lace looms

I'm also working on new carving/woodburning designs, for kates, eggs, and anything else to which I take a fancy! New designs include cthulhu (with slight celtic influence), a celtic weeping willow, and filigree butterflies. Of course there will also be another FSM kate!

I may be working on etched glass (celtic & other designs) yarn minder "bowls" for sock summit. I'll see how it goes. :-D

Finally I would like to invite you to contact me if you are interested in anything custom. My shop is continually expanding in capacity, and I am hopeful that it will continue in this fashion until I HAVE ALL THE TOOLS!! Hee. Um, until I have enough that I can make about anything I desire. Next on my list is a scroll saw, for beautiful filigree wood designs, but I do have other tools which can emulate that look...

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